Introducing…the New Hoopsfix Logo!

You may have logged on to the site tonight and seen a slight change – the brand new Hoopsfix logo! With a much more brand-able, iconic and simple feel, the new logo is what we are going to be using moving forward into the future as we look to expand and grow.

Made by my main man Justin Barber, with subtle reference to the English tudor rose, and an ‘H’ intertwined in the ball lining, I think this is the perfect look to progress in the direction I want the site to take.

I knew changing the old one was always going to be controversial; I loved it too, but unfortunately, it became far too limiting.

It Ain’t A Hobby Anymore…

First of all, I think I should make it clear that Hoopsfix isn’t just a side hobby anymore. I have huge aspirations for the site and I genuinely want it to become one of the biggest and most well known basketball brands on the planet. Though I started it two years ago as purely a british basketball website, I want to move away from being known as a “british” basketball website and become known as just a “basketball” website and brand.

That is not to say there’s not going to be UK coverage on here anymore, or that it’s not going to be the focus of what I’m doing, but it gives me the flexibility to do other things and really branch out. I feel like I’ve reached a ceiling at this point and am being boxed in by being labelled and branded as “UK hoops site”.

With that in mind here are a few things that factored into my decision:

1) Small Sizes

Behind the scenes we are working on clothing and have been for a long time. The old logo just didn’t work at small sizes because there was so much detail on it. It was impossible to make out as a small mark on the back of a t-shirt or on the bottom of shorts. I wanted a shape that was instantly recognisable from far away and simple enough to make out what it is.

2) Red, White, and Blue

The Union Jack causes a lot of problems. Unlike most logos where you can simply change the colour of it depending on what colour it was being printed on, you simply can’t change the colour of the Union Jack without it looking wrong (we tried!). Going back to clothing, this causes a lot of problems. To have a yellow t-shirt emblazoned with a red, white, blue, and black logo gets messy. This new logo we can switch to any colour we need depending on the colourway, or wherever else it is appearing!

3) Messaging

Sticking with the Union Jack – it is too British. As the site has grown we’ve started putting more international stuff on here. At the beginning of this month as you know I travelled out to Italy for adidas EUROCAMP – this isn’t the last trip I plan on doing like this, in fact, it is the first of many. To produce a mixtape of a player such as Evan Fournier (who is from France) with a Union Jack logo all over it doesn’t make sense. The messaging is wrong. With the current logo it provides the flexibility I need to do that kind of stuff.

I hope this all makes sense. Trust me, I’m genuinely sad to see the old logo go – it has served us well, but it had to be done if I’m really going to blow this thing up like I want to!

Expect a lot more in the coming months, including some pretty sick clothing that I hope everyone will want to rep!

Please let me know what you think in the comments (whether it be about the logo, or anything else you’d like to see more/less of!), would love to hear from you, and thank you so much for all the support you have given me and the site so far. This is just the beginning.

(If you’d prefer to comment privately, feel free to email me on sam(@)

  • JFTC

    Good look! i like the fact that you decided to step your pussy up! lol

  • Sam

    Really gunna miss the old logo, but the new one is looking pretty nice, cant wait to see it on some clothing…. and highlight tapes..

    • Thanks Sam – trust me, the animated intro for videos is lookin’ off the charts!

      • No worries man.

        Also just checked back on and the site looks a lot ‘cleaner’ i like the seperate sections for national team, international, etc, etc. looks good man!

        cant wait to see your first vid with the new logo whens it gunna be out??

        • Gonna be jumbling all the categories over the next week or so, and probably lumping all British stuff into one as right now there is a ton of categories that are barely updated. But yeah, stay tuned.

          Video is out!

  • jamie

    Sam, I understand your reasoning and agree it probably had to be done. However, just a small point that the ‘H” in the logo isn’t immediately noticeable. I mean the fact that you said it was there made me look for it, otherwise it doesn’t really stand out much to say ok that is H for Hoopsfix if you get what I’m saying.

    • Yeah I get you – I want it to be subtle though…we’ve tried different variations of it and this worked best. A LOT of thought has gone into this, what you see is the end of over a couple of months of re-designs/thinking about it.

      It doesn’t need to be blatant…

  • Laurence

    I think the ‘H’ Should be in black or preferably blue, but black wouldn’t affect clothing colour changes

    • I think adding another colour would just get too messy. Simple and clean is what i’m after!

  • Troy

    After listen to your reasons, I feel you made the right decision in order to enable the brand to branch out but do feel like Jamie said that the “H” isnlt noticeable. I mean it looks like a normal ball and you only pick up on the H after reading this and then going to look for it.. Maybe get rid of the other lines on the ball and simply just have the H ?

    • Thanks Troy, appreciate it. Like I said above, I like the H being subtle, I don’t think it needs to be explicit…and on things like the 3d intro, it’s made a lot clearer..

  • Barney Blake

    Now that you’ve explained the need for a logo change, I’m much more on board with the change. Keep growing hoopsfix, i’ll most definitely be behind it!

    • Glad you’re on board Barney, appreciate the support!

  • Hey Sam

    Loving the new logo. It’s simple, effective, looks professional, easy to build a brand on a simple but identifiable logo like that, simple to change colours to adapt to the product. Great work to all involved.

    Was wondering if you were coming up to Sheffield for the GB friendly games?

    • Appreciate that Andrew, all credit needs to go to the designer Justin who has been amazing throughout!

      Yeah, will be in Sheffield for all the GB friendly games! Looking forward to it.

      • Excellent. I’m going to pop down to the Ponds Forge games, get a look at the GB team before the big one in Manchester. Will make sure to say hi if I spot you.

        Keep up the good work mate.

  • greg krippa

    the logo is great man , as is the site and everything about it ! thank you so so much

    • Thanks Greg, appreciate that man!

  • tricky

    Good luck man! I’m blessed to be on one of the first hoopsfix videos…

    • Thanks bro…haha yeah, you been down since day 1!

  • Easy

    Yes Sam, wasn’t all too sure about the logo, but that intro is dutty to that stefan gill video

    Like it, and think it will keep growing on me

    • Haha yeah the intro is crazy. Shout out to Danny Boswell and Will Eades for that one. Hope it grows on everyone!

  • :)

    You going to any of the U16 or U18 euro’s this summer?

    • Nah, gonna be at the Olympics here – too much going on in the UK this summer to be going anywhere! Next year I hope to be on the circuit!

  • Mark Reynolds

    Hey Sam,

    Mark Reynolds here (Scottish Uni’s Team). First, I would like to say what your doing is great for basketball in the UK is fantastic. Something which I meant to say say it to you after the Home Nations Universities tournament. Your site has now become my new fav site along with Word is even getting round about your site up here in Scotland you will be happy to know. I think you new logo is great and you should have great scope to expand to the European basketball scene, especially with young talent. Keep doing what your doing!

    I feel like your site would be a great platform to get some hype around the BBL here in Britain and potentially in other countries. The little watched ‘OfficialBBL’ youtube channel lacks the exposure to create any buzz about the league. Have you got any plans to generate more interest in the BBL given the success of your site to date? I feel you have a fantastic opportunity to ramp up the interest level in the British basketball community with player and game highlight of the BBL ( I ask this with a slight bias as I am joining the league for the 2012/2013 season with Durham Wildcats). Let me know your thoughts.



    • Hi Mark,

      Glad to hear you hold the site in such high regard – I’ll take being second to! Haha. Good to hear the word is spreading in Scotland – I definitely need to do more stuff around the Scottish scene for sure.

      The BBL is a difficult one. I’ve had a lot of frustration with trying to cover different aspects in the past which is pretty much why I’ve given up all together. The Sky deal makes video content a little tricky – though I was told at the end of last season by a team that I’m actually allowed to produce highlight reels as long as they stay under 3 minutes or something – a fact the BBL never told me when I was inquiring about it a little while ago.

      The other problem is the main audience of this site just isn’t that interested in the BBL. It’s one of those catch 22 situations that they never will be unless it gets the media coverage, but at the same time I don’t want to waste my time doing stuff that no-one will read/watch.

      I recognise the importance of having a strong professional league in this country and what impact it could have on the game at every level so almost feel a duty to cover it, but it’s just finding a way of doing it that people will care about. The reality is, the BBL as an organisation, and each individual franchise needs to drastically improve all their marketing efforts to make the game more appealing to the younger audience.

      So in answer to your question (sorry to ramble!), yes I hope to find a way to increase my coverage of the BBL next season, I’ve just got to find the right way of doing it!

      Congrats on signing with Durham by the way, I wish you every success there.


  • *

    Just to let you know sam on the internet tab at the top of the page you can still see the old logo. wasnt too sure if u had realised! great new logo tho

    • I did update that couple of days ago – try clearing your cache and trying again. Should be displaying the new one.

      Glad you like it though man!

  • Much prefered the old logo (which was actually sick). But totally understand your reasons for changing.

  • Lovin the new logo bro!

  • Mark Reynolds

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the response. I agree and understand the clubs must take more ownership in marketing themselves and the BBL as an organisation needs to get more proactive about establishing themselves as a major professional sorting league.

    Yeah I also agree for Hoopsfix that the key is finding the right way to cover the BBL to increase interest levels. A suggestion to start could be to cover a ‘featured game’ every week along with some BBL player highlights and see how people respond. For me, the BBL should be what everybody who plays basketball in GB wants to go and see. I genuinely believe more exposure on your site would help give the BBL the impetus to become a more attractive and ‘sexier’ league because right now there is just no hype.

    Lets blow it up. There is some great basketball right on our doorstep!

    Appreciate the time and fantastic work thus far,


    • Rob

      The BBL can’t even put highlights up on their own website until a week after the game under the terms of the SKY deal, which clubs pay for themselves. They really don’t do themselves any favours.

  • Fanzin

    There is some “great” basketball right on our doorstep?!!!!!!

    Sorry Mark, I am not trying to be disrespectful, but may I ask where? The BBL is not “great” basketball, if you are referring to the BBL.

  • Stuart McKay

    Hi Sam

    Gotta give my 10 cents worth on the logo. I have a little experience with branding and logos having done everything for my site relatively recently. First off I understand why it needed to be done. Much as I liked the old logo the reasons you list make perfect sense for the direction you need to go for growth. Second I actually think the new design is OK I look at it and see what you’ve described, clean simple and useable across any number of media.

    Personally though I think it’s too generic, and not at all distinctive, there’s nothing to distinguish it from all the other simple basketball logos you can find on build your own t-shirt websites or even logo design websites.

    Even once I’m familiar with this design after seeing it on your site over the next 6 months I believe i would struggle to pick out your logo next to a few other generic basketball logos with any degree of confidence.

    Good logos are unmistakable

    I think you could have modified of modernised the old one but if you wanted to go a different direction you could have opted for something with a bit more “identity”

  • Stuart McKay

    Just re-read my comment and it sounds way harsher in print than it did in my head, sorry about that! Not trying to piss anyone off, but felt compelled to drop my opinion

  • Mark Reynolds


    That is a shame about sky


    In my opinion, you should get behind a British professional league. Yeah I agree the BBL could be better in many ways in terms of funded, attendance and better organisation however the BBL is the best basketball league the UK has at present and I think negative representations like yours are the kind of contagion the BBL could do without.

    I guess ‘great’ is a relative term and if you watch some of the more competitive BBL games in full on youtube, you may appreciate what I am saying. There are some fantastic games in the BBL during the course of a season and , without going into my basketball CV, you can trust my opinion is on point on this on this particular topic! Not to say some games might not be terrible, but you would be surprised to find yourself enjoying SOME games…despite yourself!

  • Great logo Sam. Keep up the great work. Brilliant website.

  • Mark Reynolds

    Hey Sam,

    Sure you are already aware but BBL have a new site and it looks pretty smart.

    Certainly better then the old one!


    • An upgrade on the old one, yes, but that’s as far as the compliments go from my point of view! I could write an essay on the state of the websites in the BBL, it’s a joke.

  • Mark Reynolds

    I would have to agree some of the club web site are in need of serious work. Anyway, just though I would let you know but you got your finger to the pulse!

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